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Ask The Nutritionist

Have a general question about nutrition, on everyday vitamins and supplements, or need any recommendations about which vitamins and supplements to take that are best to obtain your desired results? Ask our courteous, professional nutritionist your general questions using this online form. You can also reach Ask The Nutritionist at ask@everydayvitamin.com

Disclaimer: Everyday Vitamin will not provide or offer expert medical advice. Everyday Vitamin urges anyone with medical issues to seek the attention and advice of their physicians immediately, and consult with them before beginning a dietary supplement regimen.

Note: Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. You will receive a reply a to the email address you’ve listed below. In addition, your question will be posted in our “Ask the Nutritionist” section. Your name and email address will not be revealed; instead it will be posted anonymously.

Please be advised that Everyday Vitamin will not respond to any questions that do not pertain to nutrition or any comments you have about vitamins and supplement. Everyday Vitamins asks that you please post all comments you have on vitamins and supplements on the review page for each respective product.