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    We offer a variety of herbal teas ranging from black tea, diet tea to oolong tea. Pick the one most fit for you and start your mornings or end a perfect meal with a cup of hot soothing herbal tea.

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    • Chinese Teas
      Shop our diverse array of delicious and health beneficial chinese teas.

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    • Detox Teas
      Detoxify your body into superior health with these teas.

      More Detox Teas
    • Green Teas
      Support your weight loss goals by adding green tea to your diet.

      More Green Teas
    • Herbal Teas
      Shop our variety of soothing and delicious herbal tea.

      More Herbal Teas
    • Oolong Teas
      Burn fat quickly with potent Oolong Chinese tea.

      More Oolong Teas
    • White Teas
      Prevent various diseases with antioxidants found in Chinese White tea.

      More White Teas

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