How in the world can a cup of tea help you lose weight? Well, if you understand how certain teas affect your metabolism and appetite systems, then you'll get a much better picture on how you can achieve weight loss with teas. Keep in mind that a balanced diet is also part of the plan.

Four Teas That Work Together for Weight Loss

The word "diet" is frequently used to initiate a weight loss program. And when you think of diet you think of changing the foods you eat, or reducing the amount of food you eat to reduce caloric intake. Without a doubt a good, balanced diet is essential for losing weight, but enhancing the efficiency of your digestive system is just as important as maintaining a good diet - this is where teas can greatly help.
Green Tea: The caffeine in green tea helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat when consumed after each meal, but exists in levels that are not enough to increase heart rate. The presence of theanine in green tea is effective at suppressing appetite, maintaining your body's homeostasis (or body's stability and balance), and slowing fat metabolism and storage. In addition to weight loss, the antioxidants, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), found in green tea have been proven to protect your body from various diseases, such as cancer.

Oolong Tea: Oolong is a tea that promotes a healthy metabolism and aides in the digestive process. Digestion is a very important process in weight loss, if foods are not broken down properly, then your body has to store unwanted calories resulting in excess weight. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories, and this also contributes to weight loss or gain.
Black Tea: Black tea is known for it's positive affect on the circulatory system. Circulation is very important for oxygen and blood flow. When these systems get bogged down the elimination of toxins, fats, and other waste substances from your body don't get removed efficiently. If calories aren't burned, if fats are not processed and removed, guess what happens? Yes, you gain weight.

Yerba Mate Tea: Yerba Mate Tea is the last tea in this combination of weight loss teas; the benefit here is appetite suppression. There is a part of your brain that responds to appetite. Studies show that by drinking certain teas (mate) you can reduce the urge to eat, and this means a reduction in calories. Some people feel that by suppressing your appetite you may not get the nutritional needs required daily. There can be some truth to this, so the answer is - take supplements while going through the weight loss process.

The teas mentioned above can be blended together to work as a synergistic, weight loss drink. To get the maximum benefit from teas you must buy quality tea. Generally store-bought tea bags won't provide the potency needed for good results. Find a good, local retailer who sells loose teas leaves fresh from the manufacturer.