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DESCRIPTION MYONATURAL is a toxin-free, all-natural pain relief cream that works to relieve pain from a wide variety of pain-causing...
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MYONATURAL is a toxin-free, all-natural pain relief cream that works to relieve pain from a wide variety of pain-causing ailments. MYONATURAL pain cream is recommended by top athletes, doctors and health professionals as a safe and effective way to manage pain.

Using an all-natural patented delivery system, MYONATURAL works at a cellular level and delivers natural anti-inflammatoryand pain fighting ingredients deep to damaged tissue and cells where they are strengthened and reinforced.

Unlike most pain creams, MYONATURAL reaches a deep cellular level and actually works to repair the damaged tissue and cells that cause pain. This results in both immediate pain relief as well as a long-term healing effect for chronic pain conditions.

MYONATURAL does not rely on a heavy dosage of menthol to shock the system (resulting in only momentary pain relief). Instead, MYONATURAL includes the minimum amount of menthol (1.25%) to help initial skin penetration. In such small amounts, the menthol scent quickly dissipates as the other ingredients begin rebuilding tissue for long-lasting recovery.

This revolutionary pain cream works for sports injuries, workout enhancement, arthritis, joint pain, back aches, sore muscles and more. See how MYONATURAL works for your type of pain.


  • Fast acting and long lasting.
  • All-natural and free of any harmful toxins or salycilates.
  • Safe to use as often as needed.
  • Does not produce any negative side-effects.
  • Doctor approved and recommended.
  • Works at a cellular level to rebuild damaged tissue and cells for long lasting recovery.
  • Works on a wide variety of pain causing ailments.
  • Is not greasy and will not stain or damage clothing.
  • Does not produce a long lasting or overpowering menthol scent.
  • We guarantee that MYONATURAL will stop your pain or your money back!
  • MYONATURAL Works – We Guarantee It!
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  • Secure Shopping Guarantee
  • We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Genuine Product Guarantee
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