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Zinc Copper, a natural complex to improve the beauty of the skin Zinc Copper is an Oligotherapy preparation complex. It...
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Zinc Copper, a natural complex to improve the beauty of the skin

Zinc Copper is an Oligotherapy preparation complex. It will strengthen and improve the beauty of the skin. Zinc Copper, it allows the renewal of skin cells and the secretion of collagen and elastin. Particularly useful in cases of gynecological functional disorders such

as: -
puberty - menopause - during premenstrual syndrome

Format: 100 ml bottle

What are micronutrients?
These are essential molecules present in minute quantities in our bodies. They act as biocatalysts. In particular, they contribute to the assimilation and metabolism of food, as well as tissue renewal. In addition, they strengthen the body's defenses against infections. A daily intake of 60 mg of trace elements is necessary for the health of an average 70 kg individual.

Zinc Copper may not be suitable for you. It is important to always read the label and follow the instructions for use. Anyone who wishes to follow the advice contained in the dosing tab without the consent of their doctor makes a personal choice, which is their inviolable right. In this case, Homeocan disclaims any responsibility. Preparing Oligotherapy to be used on the advice of a health practitioner.

Medicinal ingredients (for 1 tsp):
Zinc (zinc gluconate)......................... 67.4 -g
Copper (Copper Gluconate)......................... 72.6g

Non-medicinal ingredients: Purified water Glycerol
Potassium sorbate.

Size: 100 mL

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